Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver Windows 11

Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver:

Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver is a dedicated audio driver designed to optimize audio hardware for optimal playback quality and reduce system load by offloading tasks from your CPU and hardware acceleration capabilities. If you are encountering Blue Screen errors, an outdated Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver could be to blame. Fixing this problem should be straightforward.

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Intel Smart Sound Technology enhances audio and voice recognition while decreasing power consumption on mobile devices with batteries. This can be particularly helpful when playing games or listening to music.

Intel Smart Sound Technology also features advanced audio post-processing from industry leaders such as Dolby*, DTS*, and Waves* to enhance audio quality and deliver more natural-sounding sounds while reducing distortion and other forms of unwanted noise.

Drivers designed for power efficiency help prolong battery life for laptops and mobile devices that rely on them, as well as decrease sleep mode time which in turn extends its use even more efficiently and increases battery life further.

For optimal performance, updating drivers regularly is recommended; however, this can be risky since some driver updates may cause issues. Luckily, there are ways of fixing these without losing data.

Start by using free backup software like AOMEI Backupper Standard to create a system image and restore it whenever problems arise. It supports different backup paths including HDD, SSD, NAS, and cloud disk, and can even be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly to avoid potential blue-screen or black-screen errors which could result in permanent data loss.


Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver is an integrated audio digital signal processor (DSP) designed to handle audio and voice interactions without impacting system performance or battery life. Capable of producing Hi-Fi quality audio playback as well as quickly responding to voice command requests, this DSP helps ensure smooth user experiences.

Unfortunately, technology can sometimes create issues and problems. If your laptop’s Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver is giving you trouble, there are a few steps that may help fix it.

First, check for updated drivers by using Device Manager’s “Update driver software” feature to update them automatically. It will search and download compatible drivers – typically this should solve your issues!

If this method does not work, download your driver directly from the manufacturer’s website. When selecting one specifically tailored to your hardware configuration, download, extract, and follow on-screen instructions to install.

Sometimes the issue could be related to missing driver dependencies from your operating system. When this is the case, Intel MEDIA drivers can be downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog and installed. Once complete, restart your computer after installation to make sure it runs the updated drivers properly; alternatively you could also use Intel Driver and Support Assistant to scan for outdated drivers on your machine.

Audio Post-Processing:

Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) is an integrated audio DSP that processes audio, speech, and voice-driven interactions in Intel Core and Atom-powered PCs to quickly respond to user commands while providing hi-fi quality sound without impacting system performance or battery life.

Intel provides an updated driver for your PC. Once downloaded, launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Reboot and test the microphone to make sure everything works smoothly.

If your microphone isn’t working, the issue could lie within either its BIOS or drivers. To rectify this situation, update both and see which drivers need updating on Intel-based devices. If unsure, Intel DSA (Driver Support Assistant) provides an easy solution that detects outdated drivers on computers and automatically updates them for you.

One way to fix the Intel Smart Sound Technology driver not starting up on Windows 10 and 11 is to perform regular backups using free backup software such as AOMEI Backupper Standard. This application allows you to easily schedule automatic backups to hard drives, external hard disks, USB flash drives, NAS, and cloud storage accounts as well as select different backup frequencies and destinations.

Ready Mode:

Intel Ready Mode Technology quickly restores your PC from sleep, instantly returning it to full activity. By shortening the amount of time your system spends in standby or hibernation mode, Intel Ready Mode helps reduce energy use while prolonging battery life and providing access to apps like downloading photos or videos from social media, synching files across devices, or streaming video content – ready Mode allows your system to resume full activity instantly after brief periods of inactivity.

Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver enables high-quality microphone configurations and advanced audio pre-processing with features such as multi-mic beam forming, noise reduction, and acoustic echo cancellation for pre-amps with multiple mics, plus computing power to bridge these processing operations with hardware devices, helping ensure quality voice communications and speech recognition services.

If your Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver becomes corrupted, this can lead to audio issues like Code 43 and 10 errors when trying to play audio or record. To address this, update to a compatible driver version for your Windows operating system.

Manual or automated driver updates can both work. You can find the latest Intel driver versions on their website, or via an automatic update tool like Intel Driver and Support Assistant (DSA), which automatically detects all pending drivers for your computer and installs them for you – the fastest, most convenient way of keeping Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver up-to-date.


So, the latest version of Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver is Windows 11. We shared the official Intel Smart Sound Technology Driver Windows 11 to download free on Windows.

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