ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Asus Touchpad Driver – How to Enable Smart Gestures on Your Asus Laptop?

If you own an Asus laptop, installing the Smart Gesture driver can unlock extra features on it. This software enables users to create customized trackpad gestures and make using their computer more comfortable. So, the latest version of ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 10 can be downloaded from here below.

Download ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 10 (Here)

Drivers for your system are available via the Asus website or MyASUS, which will automatically download them. Alternatively, you can manually update them through Device Manager.

How to install the touchpad driver?

If you’re having issues using the touchpad on your Asus laptop, there could be an issue with its driver. Download and install it from Asus’ website before rebooting and seeing if this resolves the problem – otherwise try switching drivers.

To download a driver, visit Asus’s website and access your laptop model’s support page. Once there, enter your model number and operating system before clicking the Download Driver button. Afterward, install the downloaded driver and reboot your laptop; now your touchpad should work smoothly!

MyASUS software also allows you to personalize your touchpad in various ways. For instance, you can enable the NumPad feature on the touchpad so it acts as a numeric keypad when necessary and disables the keyboard backlight. Furthermore, Windows 10 machines come equipped with a driver update utility so they can install new touchpad drivers automatically.

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How to enable the touchpad?

If your touchpad is disabled after updating Windows 10, it could be that the Microsoft Input Configuration Device driver was uninstalled during an upgrade process. While this can be frustrating for PC users, the issue can easily be remedied by rebooting and then enabling the touchpad driver again – once this has happened you should be able to use your laptop normally again!

Accidentally disabling your touchpad may have occurred by pressing a key combination on your keyboard; such as [Touchpad hotkey, ]F6 or F9. In such an instance, try pressing this key combination again and see if it works, or try pressing both together again and see what happens.

Another possible solution would be to reset either your BIOS or the Embedded Controller (EC), which will restore them to their default settings and potentially resolve deeper hardware issues that are preventing your touchpad from working correctly. You might need assistance from either your user manual ASUS laptop or an authorized service center – please consult both for the best results.

Make sure your drivers are up-to-date by visiting ASUS’s website and downloading their most up-to-date drivers for your laptop, or consider investing in an automatic driver update manager to manage them for you.

How to reset the touchpad?

Asus laptops and notebooks are known for their advanced touchpad features, such as swiping, pinching, and rotating options that cater to user needs. If this feature becomes problematic you must know how to reset it – an important task if your touchpad stops functioning as expected!

Alternatively, use Windows’ search function to find your answer. Type “device manager” in the search field and then click the first result that comes up; once done you should see all devices installed on your computer and a list with their drivers; locate and click Microsoft Input Configuration Device driver to complete the process.

Once you’ve identified the appropriate driver, click on “Update” to download and install its latest version. When completed, reboot your computer to check that the touchpad is functioning normally before concluding the installation process.

Consider using an automatic updater tool to keep drivers and utilities current on your system and ensure your device always functions at its peak performance. This way, you’ll know you are always up-to-date and ensure the highest possible level of functionality from it.

How to update the touchpad firmware?

Device drivers typically need updating from time to time as the environment in which they were created shifts over time, which can cause devices to stop working properly – this is why it is recommended that you regularly keep your Asus laptop drivers up-to-date.

Your Asus touchpad driver can be updated in various ways. One is through Windows’ built-in device manager, Device Manager. Once you locate an Asus device, right-click and select “Update Driver Software,” prompting Windows to search for and install its updated version automatically.

Another option would be to download and install the latest touchpad firmware version from Asus’ website – either through their support site or MyASUS’ System Update feature – following on-screen instructions until everything works as intended.

Before performing any manual or automatic updates, a restore point must be created in case any new drivers cause any problems on your PC. Otherwise, any disruption caused by these new downloads could compromise data or settings that you care about – should this happen, these troubleshooting methods may help fix Asus touchpad issues.

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