Epson V550 Driver for Windows

Epson V550 Driver Download:

Install updated scanner drivers to maximize their performance. Outdated driver software may reduce scanning quality or cause compatibility issues.

Download Epson V550 Driver (Here)

Digitize slides, negatives, and photos effortlessly with this Epson Perfection V550 Photo film and document scanner! Offering 6400dpi scanning for high-resolution results. Additionally, this scanner automatically uploads scans to Facebook or popular cloud sites – perfect for digitization!

Easy Photo Fix:

Epson flatbed scanners represent excellent value, scanning 120mm film as well as slides and prints. While not as sharp pixel-for-pixel as dedicated 120mm film scanners, they still deliver satisfying results and come equipped with plenty of built-in flexibility for seamless use.

Epson Scan software is quite capable, providing advanced image adjustment and photo correction features as well as providing access to TWAIN-compliant OCR scanning software. Furthermore, you can scan multiple images onto one sheet with ease through its easy process.

Epson Scan is designed to work seamlessly with ScanSpeeder, providing both its image restoration capabilities and efficiency in scanning multiple photos at once. You can save files in either JPEG or TIFF format depending on your needs, with both being compatible with Facebook, Picasa, and other popular cloud services.

Recently, some Windows 10 users have reported that their Epson scanner stops functioning after upgrading to Windows 10. It seems the issue lies within Epson drivers that might not be compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system. You have two options for updating them either manually or automatically: visit the Epson website and download current drivers manually for your model, or use Driver Easy’s driver update tool to automatically download and install the correct ones for your computer.


DIGITAL ICE is an automatic solution for eliminating dust and scratches on photographs, films, and slides. Working from within the scanner during the scanning process, DIGITAL ICE collects surface defect information using its “D” channel. This data is combined with red, green, and blue image data to remove surface defects like dust and scratches more efficiently than manually editing images in photo editing programs.

Your options when it comes to using this feature in a scan include whether or not to include it, as well as selecting its maximum scan resolution and file format (such as JPEG or Multi-TIFF). When the scan has finished, Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder will open up the folder containing your scanned image for viewing.

Utilizing Digital ICE requires more system resources than scanning without it, and should only be utilized when scanning large or multiple images simultaneously. Otherwise, this feature may cause your computer to become overloaded if too many scans are performed simultaneously; without adequate system resources available for Digital ICE scanning processes may become slow or scans may not be processed correctly if too few memory resources are allocated; to ensure enough space exists see Choosing a Scanner Resolution.

ReadyScan LED technology:

Epson V550 Photo boasts a compact yet stylish design and features an easy four-button operation panel for users. Each button activates a specific on-screen workflow – pressing Scan to E-Mail allows users to quickly convert documents and photos into space-efficient PDF files while pressing Copy makes creating duplicate copies a snap!

This energy-efficient scanner features revolutionary ReadyScan LED technology that replaces traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) light sources with more efficient LED light sources, eliminating warm-up time when switching from reflective to film scanning or standby mode, thus speeding up overall scan speeds and requiring less power consumption during operation. Furthermore, its use reduces emissions with its energy-efficient LED lighting source.

The Perfection V550 Photo offers an outstanding 6400 x 9600dpi resolution to deliver exceptional photographic scanning quality, offering exceptional clarity and color consistency. Capable of creating up to 17″ x 22″ enlargements, this flatbed scanner delivers top-of-the-line digital images for printing or sharing purposes.

The included software provides additional image enhancement options, including DIGITAL ICE for dust and scratch mark removal from color slides and films, along with advanced color calibration and automatic frame alignment to produce more accurate scans. SilverFast SE Plus software delivers advanced color calibration as well as automatic frame alignment for an enhanced scan experience.

Automatically upload your scans:

Epson Scan will automatically upload your scanned files to the location and file format that you have specified (see Selecting Your File Save Settings for details). By default, Home Mode or its default setting stores all images as JPEGs within the Windows Pictures folder or Mac OS X’s Pictures folder respectively (Windows only).

Epson Perfection V550 Photo delivers unmatched performance for all your film, slides, and negative scanning needs, offering 6400 dpi resolution for exceptional details when enlarging photos or documents. Plus it boasts advanced features such as Easy Photo Fix and DIGITAL ICE to restore old photos while eliminating dust and scratches – plus its connectivity allows direct uploads to popular websites such as Facebook Picasa, etc.

Updating your scanner driver can result in enhanced image capture with improved color reproduction and reduced image noise, as well as streamlining the scanning process by shortening scan times and increasing overall productivity.

To modify the scan area, use a marquee tool on the preview image to crop or change its size. For image quality modification please see: Modifying Color Settings and Image Quality Options.


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