Epson V500 Driver for Windows

Epson V500 Driver:

Epson V500 Driver is a software application that makes updating your scanner driver easy. No longer will you have to manually search for one on the web, or risk downloading and installing one that could compromise your system.

Download Epson V500 Driver (Here)

The V500 Photo offers incredible value at its price point, including 6400dpi resolution and Digital ICE dust/scratch removal technology. Additionally, this model comes equipped with an eco-friendly white LED light source which reduces power consumption and warmup time significantly.

Product Description:

The V500 offers an incredible level of photo-oriented scanning features at an extremely reasonable price point, including 6400 dpi optical resolution and 3.4 Dmax for advanced amateur photographers. Furthermore, its transparency unit can scan slides and film. Furthermore, DIGITAL ICE dust and scratch removal technology is included along with eco-friendly ReadyScan LED technology which requires no warm-up time – an outstanding choice.

Its impressive versatility as a flatbed scanner in this price range is evident by its ability to scan photos, 35mm negatives and slides, medium format film as well as faded color photos with one-touch restoration capability, plus Digital ICE technology which removes dust and scratches from both positive and negative film images.

Scanning documents is more of a challenge for the V500, which has limited ability to handle multipage documents. While its optical resolution of 6400dpi provides sharp and clear copies for most text documents, its maximum scan area only measures 8.5×11 inches while its ADF can hold only 20 pages at once.

The V500 comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (although Epson claims the scanner ships with version 3.5), ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Sprint (an OCR program capable of recognizing Times New Roman and Arial text in our tests), along with Epson’s usual driver program as well as two more advanced applications: PhotoScape CS5 image processing program and Easy AutoScan, an automated scanner setup process.

Product Specifications:

Epson V500 flatbed scanner is an LED-based light that uses LED technology for color and film scanning with an optimal scan size of 216 x 297 millimeters, offering a high optical density (Dmax) of 3.4 and employing CCD technology to deliver top-quality scans. Digital ICE provides Dust Removal from film scans while Restoring Faded Colors on photos while LED lights eliminate Warm-up Time which ultimately helps reduce energy consumption.

The V500 may be limited as an all-purpose scanner, as it lacks an automatic document feeder to process multipage documents and only can scan six slides or film frames at a time; however, photo enthusiasts and professionals may find it suitable as it offers exceptional quality at an affordable price.

It features three scanning modes – Auto, Home, and Professional. In our tests, it took only about 25 seconds for our V500 to prescan and scan a 4-by-6 color photo at 300dpi using Auto mode and 27 seconds using Digital ICE; scanning six slides or negatives took longer at 2 minutes 32 seconds in Advanced mode.

The V500 comes standard with Adobe Photoshop Elements, ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR, and Epson Scan Utility software. Epson Scan Utility can scan directly to PDF format or can activate its Twain driver to scan to nearly any program that supports that standard.

Product Installation:

This file provides the Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.7.7.0 for Windows XP users. When installing this driver, Windows XP users may encounter a Hardware Warning or “Unknown Device” message; should such occurrences arise please select “Continue Anyway”.

After installation is complete, the driver should appear in your Printers and Fax folder. To use Epson Scan for scanning purposes, launch it and ensure the preview window appears as intended.

If the preview window does not display as it should, try uninstalling and then re-installing its driver. Also unplug your scanner’s USB connection while installing, waiting until instructed otherwise or once the install process has completed before plugging it back in again. If problems continue after this attempt has been taken please reach out to Epson directly for additional support.

Product Compatibility:

Epson V500 Driver is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later using Image Capture (ICA) driver; however, paid scanning software like VueScan Professional requires functional Epson scanner drivers installed. Sometimes running the ICA program in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode helps resolve persistent crashes (Process Explorer may show that the DWM program keeps launching then terminating, sometimes raising the screen before terminating again).

Epson recently unveiled their updated “Epson Scan 2” scanning software, now included with various document and flatbed photo scanner models compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, however, it is incompatible with several of their older Perfection scanner models such as their flagship V800 series flatbed photo models.

VueScan is designed to work seamlessly with the Epson V500 and can serve as an effective replacement for Epson Scan 2. VueScan includes features designed specifically for film scanning (such as infrared cleaning) as well as supporting digital camera drivers from Perfection. In addition, its “Brownie” feature enables users to manually crop film scans according to negative or print size.


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