Epson LQ 690 Driver for Windows

Epson LQ 690 Driver Review:

Unleash the power of dot matrix printing with this versatile and user-oriented model. Boasting outstanding speed, reliability, and ribbon efficiency for unparalleled dot matrix performance. So, the latest version of the Epson LQ 690 Driver can be downloaded from this page.

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Print faster and more productively thanks to Epson Driver’s innovative Print Speed Enhancer feature. Boasting an outstanding ribbon yield of 10 million characters, the LQ 690 stands up well in fast-paced environments where productivity matters most.

Print Speed Enhancer:

High-resolution printing requires more processing time than lower ones, as other factors affect its speed as well, such as data printed, whether color or black-and-white is selected, and how many printer resident fonts are utilized. You can use the Speed & Progress window of the printer driver to monitor the current printing status and make necessary changes that increase or decrease printing speed accordingly.

For high-volume printing tasks, the LQ 690 24-pin printer provides exceptional performance. Equipped with advanced onboard functions that enable it to accommodate various paper sizes and types, this printer prints at 529cps for fast service in applications like invoices, receipts, delivery notes, and inventory listings.

The LQ 690 can print on an array of media types, such as cut sheets, continuous paper, labels, envelopes, and cards – as well as handle various ribbon widths – and comes equipped with an advanced Print Speed Enhancer which speeds bit image printing to meet the demanding work environments of today.

The smart design of this printer makes it simple to fit on a desk, while its platen gap adjustment lever is cleverly concealed underneath its front cover, to prevent inadvertent settings changes from accidentally changing by accident. Furthermore, its front paper guide has an integrated ruler for easier paper setup while its long ribbon replacement cycle and reduced operating costs help bring down its total cost of ownership.

High Ribbon Yield:

Epson Ribbons are printer consumables composed of long strips of inked fabric or film that are designed to work seamlessly with their respective printers, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. Their aim is also to minimize downtime by eliminating frequent ribbon replacement needs – typically featuring a drop-in design for effortless installation.

The LQ-690 offers an exceptional blend of speed, reliability, and ribbon efficiency in one compact dot matrix printer. With 24-pin wide carriage dot matrix technology and an impressive print speed of 529 cps (12 cpi), this printer excels in large-volume document printing such as invoices, delivery notes, inventory listings, or labels. Plus its Print Speed Enhancer to accelerate bit image printing makes this an excellent solution for demanding work environments.

The LQ 690 printer’s High Ribbon Yield feature delivers an impressive number of prints before needing replacement, helping reduce downtime and increasing productivity. Furthermore, this ensures high print quality by producing legible text and graphics without smudging or blurring; plus it extends printer lifespan while lowering maintenance costs.

High Reliability:

Designed specifically to meet the demands of dot matrix users, the LQ 690 printer is an ideal choice for demanding work environments. Offering unrivaled speed, ribbon yield, and user-friendliness – it excels where it counts! Capable of handling various media types including cut sheets, continuous paper both single and multi-layer; cut sheets; labels envelopes, and cards as well as an innovative Print Speed Enhancer which accelerates bit image printing – this versatile printer is suitable for high-speed data printing applications requiring large amounts of information at high speeds!

This rugged and reliable printer was engineered with reliability in mind, featuring an extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), low maintenance costs, and an efficient print head. It offers dual print heads for increased reliability as well as numerous connectivity options; its user-friendly keypad simplifies operation while its front door provides access to its main paper tray for effortless loading. Powered by genuine Epson ink cartridges for optimal printing performance and efficiency.

The LQ-690 stands out as an exceptional solution with superior print quality and robust construction for mission-critical systems, providing high reliability with its long lifespan and ISO-certified life cycle warranty. Businesses requiring high system availability will find this affordable and eco-friendly printer an ideal fit, while its ENERGY STAR qualification ensures low energy consumption costs and reduces operational expenses.

Compact Design:

Reliable and built to last, the LQ-690 offers peace of mind thanks to an exceptional MTBF (mean time between failures) of 20,000 power on hours. Furthermore, its robust design boasts a print head life expectancy of 400 million strokes per wire for improved productivity and lower maintenance requirements.

The LQ-690 provides outstanding dot matrix printing performance with its outstanding combination of speed, reliability, and ribbon yield. Easily accommodating cut sheets, continuous paper (both single layer and multi-layer), labels, envelopes, and cards as well as featuring a Print Speed Enhancer to accelerate bit image printing for demanding work environments.

The LQ-690 offers exceptional printing speeds of 529 characters per second (12 cpi) when using printer resident fonts, boasting an incredible ribbon yield of 10 million characters – perfect for even the most demanding work environments. Furthermore, multiple connection options including USB and conventional bi-directional parallel are available, along with dual tractor units for simultaneously inserting two sizes of paper at once and front, rear, or bottom feed holes to meet various applications. It even comes equipped with wireless interface support enabling seamless integration into existing network systems – not to mention energy-efficient performance that saves power consumption costs while offering great total cost of ownership figures over its lifecycle!


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