Epson LQ 1310 Driver for Windows

Epson LQ 1310 Driver

Epson LQ 1310 24-pin dot matrix printer can easily handle heavy-duty printing for your business, with its large print area and affordable pricing structure. Plus, its fast printing speed means no business needs to go without one!

Download Epson LQ 1310 Driver (Here)

Simply follow this link and download the latest driver for your computer, which has been tested using antivirus software to ensure the safety of your PC.

Fast Printing Speeds

Increase productivity with high print speeds! This 24-pin narrow carriage printer boasts print speeds up to 347 characters per second @ 10cpi HSD and enough memory for simultaneous form printing. Furthermore, cost savings can be realized with long-life ribbons that last up to three million characters and an extended print head life span of 400 million strokes.

With an exceptional reliability rating of 20,000 power-on hours and advanced ribbon life extending replacement cycles to extend maintenance costs and total cost of ownership, the reliable performance of this machine reduces maintenance and total cost of ownership significantly. Furthermore, you have a choice between front, rear, or bottom paper paths, providing space management flexibility; its parallel, serial, and USB interfaces offer connectivity options as well.

If your printing speeds have become slower after continuous usage for an extended period, this may be a protective mechanism meant to protect internal components from overheating or being damaged. To restore original printing speeds and get back up and running faster again, follow these steps.

To install this driver on your computer, expand the relevant category and find the EPSON LQ 1310 ESC/P2 driver before double-clicking it. Installation will commence as soon as you click the installer file; just follow its prompts! After the complete setup is finished, the driver should appear listed under Device Manager; double-click it again to access its settings dialog box for EPSON LQ 1310 ESC/P2.

Easy to Setup

Epson LQ 1310 Driver is a free software program that enables you to connect your printer to the internet, manage the printing process remotely, and control printing from any location. Its easy setup and user-friendly interface make it a great option for home or small businesses and it works with both Windows OS and macOS computers. To download it visit the Epson Support Website select the product then Click Start Here, follow the instructions displayed to register the printer, and enable Epson Connect.

Default printer settings affect many aspects of its functions. Most can be changed via applications and printer drivers; to change specific ones directly on the printer itself by entering its default-setting mode: press the Menu (Pitch and Tear Off/Bin) button until it beeps once and all Menu lights (Tear Off/Bin and Pitch lights) turn off simultaneously.

The Printer Beep Settings feature allows you to decide whether the printer beeps whenever an error occurs, eliminating annoying noises like paper jamming and power outages from occurring in your printer. Customize this beep sound according to your notification preferences; set Auto Carriage Return settings so each linefeed code or ESC J code paired with the carriage return code moves the print position closer to its left margin.

Large Printing Area

This 24-pin dot matrix printer boasts a large printing area that can accommodate various paper sizes, a 128KB data buffer that reduces waiting time, and an impressive maximum print speed of 416 characters per second (12 cpi). Furthermore, its energy-saving design saves on electricity costs without compromising print quality.

When printing onto roll paper, margin settings can help avoid smudges caused by its edges. One option creates a 3 mm margin on both sides of your printout while another leaves no margins at all on either side of the page. In both instances, image editing software must be used to adjust images 4mm wider than their roll paper size, which may extend print timeout times significantly.

If the printer refuses to eject a sheet, it could be caused by worn or creased paper that cannot eject properly, such as old, thin sheets. Try switching over to fresh sheets of paper to resolve this issue; otherwise, adjust and check the settings in the Printing Area Box accordingly.

When your EPSON printer goes offline, it can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, there are multiple reliable solutions to address the problem quickly and easily – the steps below will guide you in solving this problem as soon as possible. If none of these work, download Driver Easy and let its program scan for problematic drivers automatically before installing them for you.


Epson LQ 1310 Printers offer businesses looking for reliable dot matrix printing a great value, boasting a mean time before failure rating of 20,000 power on hours and offering USB, Serial, and Parallel interface options to easily integrate it into any work environment. They have low costs of ownership with ribbons capable of printing over 3 Million characters and print heads that can endure 400 Million strokes over their lifespans.

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To download the latest version of Epson LQ 1310 Driver. We shared the official Epson LQ 1310 Driver to download.

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