Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver for Windows

Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver Download:

Get the right driver for your printer.

Sophisticated control and print management tools make this network-ready printer simple for IT staff to deploy, manage, and use. Save big on diverse and high-volume color printing with this workgroup-level printer.

Xerox offers one of the easiest network driver installations in the industry. Users can be up and running in five easy steps, compared to 19 steps with HP printers.

Download Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver (Here)

Color By Words:

Xerox engineers have come up with a unique color adjustment feature called “Color By Words.” The idea is to make the process of adjusting colors more intuitive and accessible to users. Most people will notice a tint that’s too yellow, a photo that’s not quite blue enough, or a white print that’s too “white.” Rather than having to understand the complicated details of cyan, yellow, and magenta levels to fix these issues, Color By Words lets you adjust colors with a series of natural-language descriptions of the problem.

The Xerox Phaser 7500 is a super-sized tabloid color laser printer with plenty of features to match. It’s faster than most of its competitors and prints high-quality images and text. It even includes an Ethernet port for easy network integration. Plus, it can handle large print jobs without using up valuable computer or network resources. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified, which means that it uses less energy than other printers.

Here’s a free printable color-by-code sight words page that kids can use to practice their Dolch sight words. Kids can print it out and follow the colors indicated by the words to fill in each section of the mermaid picture. Then they can check their work to see if they’ve colored it correctly. If not, they can try again until the picture is complete!

High-Speed Printing:

Printing high-quality tabloid-sized color documents and banners at 35 ppm is easy on the Phaser 7500. Its innovative LED technology provides faster throughput than most laser devices, even at full speed. The printer’s compact size makes it easily accessible and convenient for non-technical users to set up and use. Supplies come pre-loaded, and a quick-install guide helps with optional accessories and network connection. Device settings and language selection can be configured from the front panel, or via Xerox CentreWare IS web or a desktop client.

A high-performance 1 GHz processor ensures that long print runs and complex jobs with photos, graphics, or charts process rapidly. This allows you to print more projects in a shorter amount of time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Exceptional text quality and edge registration deliver crisp, clean output that looks sharp and professional. Xerox EA toner has the smallest particles in the industry, resulting in finer lines, higher contrast, and sharper detail. Plus, true Adobe PostScript 3 and Pantone(r) color-approved solid-color simulations allow the printer to accurately match target colors and help users bring more visually rich documents in-house.

The Phaser 7500 is built to be shared, with Gigabit Ethernet as standard. Accounting features enable you to track and analyze print usage, enabling chargeback options or budgeting for individuals or departments. The printer also includes a removable Configuration SIM that transfers printer settings to a new device when it is replaced, simplifying IT management.

Xerox CentreWare Web Wizards:

A number of wizards in Xerox CentreWare Web simplify printer deployment on networks, so IT staff can spend less time dealing with desk-to-desk manual driver installation. CentreWare Web also simplifies print and scan driver management, which helps reduce the cost of maintaining a diverse fleet of printers and scanners.

Designed primarily for IT professionals, CentreWare Web is a powerful device-management solution that addresses enterprise asset management and enables IT staff to install, configure, troubleshoot, and monitor networked printers and multifunction devices across the enterprise — regardless of the manufacturer. CentreWare Web is easy to deploy and use because it runs on an embedded web server, which eliminates the need for IT administrators to install and update software on each individual printer or multifunction device.

CentreWare Web is a free, multiplatform application that can be accessed from any browser equipped with an IP address. The interface is clean and well-organized, with simple icons for commonly performed tasks such as printing a status report and setting up a fax queue. A status page can also display current toner and paper levels, and provide links for ordering supplies and contacting Xerox support (only available when using a NetWare(r) Directory Services tree with NDS v4.0 or later).

For security, the WorkCentre 6655 can be configured to send jobs to a hard drive instead of the printer’s output bin, where they remain until the user who sent them enters their user name and four-digit numeric password on the control panel. The ability to store and use a list of personal print settings also cuts mobile device support calls to IT by eliminating the need to manually change printer defaults in every new location.

Flexible Print Drivers:

The Phaser 7500 features a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) driver chip that monitors information from each of the 14,592 LED diodes and adjusts their intensity and timing. The result is superior print quality that rivals, or even exceeds, the resolution of comparable laser systems.

The printer’s advanced 1 GHz PowerGUICC(tm) III processor keeps up with demanding print loads. This enables large, complex jobs with photographs, charts, and diagrams to be processed quickly without sacrificing image integrity or color registration. Plus, a large amount of memory ensures that printing operations are fast and accurate.

Xerox’s innovative Global Print Driver(tm) simplifies device management for IT professionals. This single printer driver supports an entire fleet of network devices regardless of their PDL (PCL6, PS, PCL3, or PCLms). Moreover, there’s no need for a separate print queue for each type of device or to requalify users when you add or replace a network printer.

Xerox CentreWare Web and CentreWare Internet Services (CentreWare IS) offer remote device configuration via any web browser. These streamlined tools make integrating the Phaser 7500 into any network environment effortless. Regardless of the underlying OS or software architecture. In addition, Xerox EA toner—chemically grown to produce the market’s smallest. Most uniformly shaped particles—deliver outstanding clarity and shadow detail. Xerox’s exclusive Black Trapping technology ensures text is always legible, whether printed on dark or light backgrounds.

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