Xerox B310 Driver for Windows

Xerox B310 Drivers:

The Xerox B310 Drivers is a Bluetooth printer designed for Windows and Mac computers, so it is imperative to follow its connection guidelines to avoid any potential errors or issues when connecting.

Download Xerox B310 Driver (Here)

Small businesses or home offices seeking an efficient black-and-white printer capable of printing around 6,000 pages monthly should look no further than the Xerox B310, with its mobile printing features including Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity.

Compatible Operating Systems:

Xerox devices made within the last decade or two should have driver support available; older systems and custom or obscure operating systems (like Linux) may not. In such an instance, you could try working around it or consider upgrading to more modern operating system software.

At any rate, for most modern ConnectKey-enabled Xerox equipment, the best way to circumvent a lack of driver support is using cloud printing – an integral feature that allows you to print documents from any ConnectKey device on a local network or over the internet regardless of whether your computer contains a Xerox printer installed.

AirPrint, Mopria, and Wi-Fi Direct can all help you set up cloud printing, with each service offering different instructions on how to get it set up properly. Each process may differ slightly and you must read their documentation thoroughly to maximize the performance of your machine. Once set up, cloud printing should remove driver issues forever! For more information visit the Xerox website of your printer to see all its available options as well as download links that correspond directly with that model of printer.


The Xerox B310 is a compact black-and-white printer compatible with Windows and Mac computers, capable of printing up to 250 sheets at once, and ideal for small businesses or home offices. Compatible with Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Wi-Fi Direct printing from mobile devices as well as providing USB support, the B310 offers convenient printing from various connections – wired or wireless.

The B310 features an attractive yet simplistic design and a 2-inch text-only display. Its standard paper tray can accommodate 250 sheets at once; 33# basis weight paper may also be accepted for printing purposes. Connectivity options for this printer include both USB 2.0 port and Ethernet for connection directly with computers or network routers.

Use the Xerox Printer Driver Installer to automatically identify and download the correct drivers for your specific system configuration. It is free to download from their website, with installation taking just a few clicks before your Xerox printer will be ready for use on PCs.

To use your Xerox B310 on Windows computers, a Bluetooth driver must first be downloaded from Xerox’s support website and installed before following these steps to connect.


The Xerox B310 black-and-white printer is an excellent black-and-white solution for small businesses and home offices, thanks to its ease of setup, wireless flexibility, and compatibility with mobile devices, Chromebooks, and desktops. However, workgroups with high printing volumes should note that this machine only can print up to 6,000 pages monthly before incurring service issues and reduced lifespan – consistently printing more could cause service issues or shorten product lifespan significantly.

Xerox printers use laser technology to pick up powdered “toner” from a roller and fuse it onto paper with heat, producing excellent-quality text as well as black-and-white graphics. Auto duplex printing reduces costs per print while conserving resources; with two 250-sheet input trays and one 100-sheet multipurpose tray. Media up to 33# basis weight can also be accommodated – slightly heavier than office bond.

Contrary to many printers, the B310 doesn’t require an individual network card for operation; rather, its USB cable makes connecting it directly to your PC effortless. You can also set it up wirelessly using any router capable of supporting Wi-Fi support.

Cartridge People offers the Xerox B310 at an extraordinarily low price and free next-day delivery if ordered before a certain time. Simply click on the countdown timer above to see if this offer applies to you!


The Xerox B310/DNI black-and-white laser printer works seamlessly with Windows and macOS operating systems, using laser technology that gathers powdered toner on a roller before melting it onto paper through heat fusion. This produces high-quality black-and-white documents with great contrast and solid text at up to 18 pages per minute; its standard paper tray holds 250 sheets, giving plenty of storage capacity – it weighs 23.1 pounds altogether!

The free Xerox Global Print Driver analyzes your system configuration and installs the appropriate drivers for printing and scanning to Xerox devices. It greatly simplifies enterprise printer management for IT managers by making it simple to add or change printers without altering drivers.

Xerox users might be curious to learn how to connect their devices via Bluetooth. The process is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished on either Windows or Mac computers; all that’s necessary to begin is downloading a compatible driver from Xerox’s website.

Once you have downloaded your driver, double-click it and follow the prompts for installation. When done, your Xerox driver should appear in Applications under the Printers section of the list and can then be connected via the Xerox Printer Assistant application.

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