Xbox 360 Controller Driver For Windows 10 Download Free

20 Mar 2018
Xbox 360 controller driver windows 10: 
Xbox 360 is a gaming console like PlayStation. We can play games with Xbox 360 controllers, these controllers are very comfortable to play with. The Controllers are basically wireless and use the battery to operate. You can use these controllers with your Xbox console and your friend’s console, you just have to connect via a single press of a button on the console. These Xbox controllers can also be used with PCs (Personal Computers) on Windows 10 easily, you can connect them to your computer with wire and wirelessly. 
Wired Connection: 
  • First, you have to buy a cable wire that is compatible with your controller. 
  • Then you have to connect that wire to your remote and connect the other end with the USB port of the computer. 
  • Now your Windows 10 will detect that an Xbox controller has been connected. 
  • After this, the Windows 10 will search for the drivers of the controller in the PC. 
  • If there are no drivers installed previously then the windows 10 will start downloading the drivers, you don’t have to worry about the drivers. 
  • Now your controller is successfully connected to the Computer and you can play your games. 
  • If the drivers don’t download automatically or your Windows 10 does not detect your controller then check if your windows 10 has been updated to latest version or not. 

Wireless Connection: 

  • You can also connect your Xbox controller to your computer wirelessly. 
  • You just have to buy an Xbox 360 wireless gaming receiving device. This receiver allows you to connect 4 controllers to your PC(windows 10). 
  • Connect that receiver device to your Personal Computer via USB port. 
  • You will have to install the receiver’s software on the computer. 
  • Switch on your Xbox controller and then press the connect button on the Receiver (green light will flash). 
  • Now the receiver will connect to your remote and a wireless connection will be established with the computer (Windows 10). 



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