Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Driver Download for Windows

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Driver for Windows:

The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Driver for Windows makes your computer compatible with the device. The driver helps the hardware detect gaze data and respond to it.

Download Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Driver (Here)

It can unlock a whole new level of immersion in games like Star Citizen by letting your eyes control the in-game camera or help you aim weapons.

Installation of Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Driver:

To use the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 you need to connect it via USB to a Windows computer that meets the system requirements. The initial setup requires that Tobii Experience software is installed on the computer, but this can be done on any other OS afterward.

The eye tracker outputs gaze data which can be accessed by applications using the Tobii SDK. These can be Tobii Pro Studio software, third-party software products, or custom software developed by the user based on the SDK. The data format, coordinate systems, and parameters used may differ between software products.

To increase performance and improve the accuracy of your eye tracking setup, it is recommended to disable three services that are run by default on your Windows computer. This can be done by opening the Services app (type “services” in the Start menu) and looking for Tobii in the list of services. It is also recommended to minimize the amount of direct sunlight that enters your play environment as this can affect the quality of the eye tracking.


During the initial setup of a new Tobii Eye Tracker, it is recommended that you connect it to a Windows computer with internet access and run its configuration software. This should then start a calibration process.

The eye tracker firmware adapts its gaze calculation algorithms for each individual user during the calibration. To do this, a series of points are presented on the screen. Preferably at known coordinates in the Active Display Coordinate System. These points are typically small animated objects that should grab the user’s attention and help them concentrate their gaze on them.

In order to collect accurate gaze data. A client application must subscribe to the eye tracker’s gaze signal. If a subscription is interrupted during the calibration process. The accuracy of subsequent gaze data will be severely affected. To avoid this, client applications should maintain a gaze subscription until the calibration is completed.


The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is a device that allows users to control a computer with their eyes. The device can be used in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse or can be completely independent. The device works with a monitor up to 27 inches in size and can be used indoors or out.

A variety of auxiliary software is available for the Tobii Eye Tracker. One such package is Project Iris, which can create eye-tracking-based interfaces for Windows programs. The software is primarily intended for use in video games. And it can be set to trigger specific actions when a player looks at an on-screen rectangle.

There are also keybindings that can be used to disable head tracking in-game. Alternatively, the settings can be changed by selecting Options from the Tobii Experience application and clicking the Comms, FoIP & Head Tracking tab. Various configurations are possible. The most significant choice is to configure the cursor to jump to the gaze position when moving the mouse.


The eye tracker will need to be connected to a Windows computer to complete the initial setup. Once the hardware is connected Windows will automatically start the Tobii Experience configuration software and begin the process of setting up the device.

The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is a new gaming eye-tracking device that offers a faster and more responsive gaze cursor. It was designed with gamers in mind and is compatible with over 150 games.

To troubleshoot issues related to the Tobii Eye Tracker 5. You should first check to make sure the device is functioning correctly. You can do this by examining the launchpad and ensuring that the “Eye control settings” tab is set to “Gaze cursor on”.

Also, you may want to disable the three Tobii services by opening the Services app in Windows. To do so, right-click on each service and select the Properties option. Then, change the startup type to Disabled. This will allow the device to work normally again.

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