Samsung Xpress C460W Driver for Windows

How to Download the Samsung Xpress C460W Driver?

If you want to print with your Samsung Xpress C460W, you will need to download the appropriate Samsung Xpress C460W Driver. The download process is simple and easy. You just need to make sure you are using the correct version of the driver for your PC.

Download Samsung Xpress C460W Driver (Here)

Easy Printer Manager:

If you’re in need of a printer that is easy to use, Samsung Xpress C460W is a great option. It is a compact, multi-function color laser printer that offers a variety of features that make it ideal for work and home.

Samsung Xpress C460W offers a high-quality print resolution that is capable of producing crisp and clear black text. The printer also includes built-in faxing and an automatic document feeder. These features help streamline workflow and make it easy to manage multiple printers.

The Samsung Xpress C460W is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. A USB cable is required to connect the printer to your computer. Once you have a connection, the printer will search for any connected devices on your wireless network.

Using the Easy Printer Manager, you can easily adjust your printing and scanning settings. Moreover, the app can also be used to order supplies from Samsung partners. You can even set up web services that allow you to share your documents with other users.

Manual download:

The Samsung Xpress C460W is a multi-function printer with impressive print and scan capabilities. It has a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a typical memory of 128 MB. If you are looking for an easy-to-use printer, the Samsung Xpress C460W is the machine for you.

This printer also has the capability to scan to email. Moreover, it has an easy file printer manager to navigate through documents. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows and Linux.

This is a four-in-one laser printer that also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. To connect the printer to your wireless network, you will need to install the appropriate software CD. Once you are done, you can start printing.

Color laser multifunction printer:

If you are looking for a wireless all-in-one laser printer, you should consider the Samsung Xpress C460W. It has many features that are designed to provide high-quality, convenient print. These include a high resolution and a dual CPU processor. Also, this printer uses polymerized toner that provides excellent clarity, sharper text, and professional color.

You can print from your mobile devices with the Samsung Mobile Print App. This allows you to save scanned documents on your device, and even share them with others. There is also NFC technology for quick and easy connectivity.

The Samsung Xpress C460W is an all-in-one multifunction printer that can print, copy, and scan. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The body of the printer is compact and lightweight. It has a two-line LCD display with large, visible function buttons. In addition, it has a number pad for fax dialing.


The Samsung Xpress C460W printer is a multifunction device with impressive capabilities. It features a compact design, and print, copy, and scan capabilities in one package. In addition to its many functionalities, it comes equipped with a wireless feature that allows users to send and receive documents through a Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it also has advanced NFC technology for easier connectivity.

You can do everything from printing and scanning to faxing and emailing. Additionally, you can even access the Google Cloud Print service through the Samsung Mobile Print App. This multifunction device is compatible with Windows and Macintosh systems.

The C460W comes with a few scanning technologies, including an optical resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. To increase the speed of your scanning, you can turn off in-scanner JPEG compression in input mode.

Issues with the Samsung Xpress C460W Driver:

If you are having problems with your Samsung Xpress C460W printer, you should consider downloading the correct driver for your printer. It is important to use the correct driver as it will make the device talk to your operating system.

Before downloading a driver, it is best to search for the specific model of the printer from the manufacturer’s website. Once you find it, download the appropriate driver and install it on your computer. Using the wrong driver can cause numerous problems.

Once you have installed the correct driver, you can go ahead and use the printer. You can connect your Samsung Xpress C460W to your computer through Wi-Fi or USB.

The first step to solving any driver issues is to make sure that you have the correct IP address for your Samsung Wireless Printer. This should be the same as the IP address that is listed in the printer’s configuration sheet.

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