Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver Download for Windows (Latest)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver:

Is your Samsung Galaxy Noting such a pleasure to use? Well, it is, but before we get into that let us first look at what kind of phone it is. It is the mobile of choice among people who have become “gadget freaks”. If you are one of these people, you probably have been looking for a way to download a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB driver.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver (Here)

About official drivers:

But wait… it isn’t so easy. You see all those programs that claim to be able to download the latest and greatest drivers and software for all makes and models of computers are no longer working properly or completely. Why? Because all those programs are just downloading and installing their own software on your Windows computer instead of getting the latest and most secure Samsung USB driver from the Samsung website. No, it is not a secret that you have a slow, unresponsive computer.

No need to worry about this because you can download a genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB driver which will actually increase the performance of your computer. These drivers are readily available to PC owners. But the problem is that if you don’t know where to find them, your search will be fruitless.

I have yet to come across a website that offers Samsung USB drivers. So what does that mean? Well, the only way to get your drivers is by going to Samsung’s website itself and clicking on the link for Download Manager. Once you click through the first screen of the Download Manager window you will see a list of all files that can be downloaded. There are two major categories that include General and Product-oriented.


For General Downloads you will see that there are only two major categories which include Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Drivers. Now select the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB driver from the product download group. For the second driver to select the update driver option. When prompted to install the ADB driver. This step may take some time but be patient as it will be complete in just a few seconds.

After this step, you need to close all unnecessary programs and software. After all these steps, go back to the Download Manager window. Click on the advanced tab and in the driver selection dialog box, click the install file or driver check box. Finally, click on ok.

Another option:

The next thing you have to do is to run the reg_edit function. Under the system, settings browse to and click onHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_ROOT_Software\ Samsung\ Galaxy Note. You can also find here the path to the folders where the files for your system are kept like: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Samsung\ Install folder. You should now see two folders on the left side of the window with a folder called Product Name and then a folder named Samsung on the right side of the window.

Double-click on the Samsung folder on the left and in the properties of the Samsung device you can see the Path section with a colon followed by the actual path to the folder that holds the drivers and their files. You have to click on the empty string after the colon and type the path of the folder you want to install. Follow this by clicking on ok. Once done, it is now time to connect your device.

After Connecting a device:

When you connect your smartphone, it will prompt you to reboot. It is advisable that you do so especially if you are using a tablet computer to do work on your smartphone. By rebooting your device now you can install android USB drivers on your smartphone. It will also allow you to restore any personal settings that you have made on your smartphone.

You will need to use the file manager that you can find on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver’s software. This can be accessed through your device’s folder on the desktop. You can double-click on the” Kaposi Email Implementation”, this will open the folder where you will be able to locate your smartphone’s existing file. You can select all of them or you can just leave the selected one and select the new file that will be used to replace the existing one.

After doing all:

When you are done, you will be asked again if you want to continue with the installation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver. If you want to, you can select the “no” option and click on the USB Driver tab. Choose the correct format that your device is currently using and hit on the Save tab to confirm that the new driver was installed successfully.

After everything was completed, you will see that the latest Samsung USB driver has been successfully installed and your device is now ready for use. The only thing that you need to do now is to connect your tablet to a computer to make it work normally. You won’t see any difference if you have connected your tablet to your laptop since the tablet basically acts as a data agent. If you are going to use your tablet computer at home, then you should connect it to a USB port that connects to your computer for complete functionality.

Download link:

So, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro USB Driver is being provided here to get free on Windows. Follow the link URL to get the latest driver on Windows.

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