M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers

M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers:

Designed to provide you with a professional, portable audio and MIDI interface to connect your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer to your favorite digital audio software. Featuring a powerful headphone amp with volume control, hardware direct monitoring, and LED clipping indicators. So, you can easily download the latest version of M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers from this page.

Download M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers (Here)

Connect your microphone, instrument, or line level source to the front panel Mic/Inst inputs. Adjust the “Gain” knob indicated by an ‘In’ on the left and ‘PB’ on the right to control your playback (monitoring).


If your computer doesn’t recognize your M Audio Fast Track Pro, it could be because of outdated device drivers. Updated driver software will ensure that your hardware is compatible with the latest Windows operating systems, and also provide optimal performance for all of your audio applications. You can try updating the drivers manually or use a tool like DriverMax to save time and effort.

Windows XP drivers support WDM/MME and CoreAudio, and Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later supports both WDM/MME and ASIO2. The front panel features two high-quality microphone/instrument preamps that accept either balanced or unbalanced line or instrument levels and provides -20dB pads on each input. A mix knob enables you to monitor the direct signal from your mic or instrument as well as the output signal from your digital recording program, giving you an easy way to balance your input and output levels. The control panel includes an output level control, MIDI input, and output ports, signal and clipping indicators, as well as a power switch.

Connecting your Fast Track Pro to your PC is as simple as connecting any other USB device. After the hardware and driver installation is complete, a small “M-Audio” icon will be visible in your system tray (shown below). Right-click this icon to open the Fast Track Pro control panel. During the driver installation process, be sure to run the setup file from an account with the highest privileges. The setup program will need to pass Windows Logo testing before continuing, and a security window may appear asking you to confirm or allow the drivers to install.


As with any electronic device, there are many variables that can impact the performance of a product. Although the Fast Track Pro is designed to provide high-performance and professional-quality audio. There are a number of possible operating scenarios that may result in unexpected behavior or performance issues. Having a basic understanding of the hardware and software features will help ensure a successful experience with the device.

The Fast Track Pro is designed with the home or portable studio user in mind. It offers a complete package of professional audio connections and higher-than-CD digital audio quality. All via one simple USB connection to your computer. With two high-quality microphone inputs, front panel hybrid XLR/TRS line/instrument inputs with switchable phantom power and individual -20dB pads, dedicated S/PDIF digital input and output, and more. The Fast Track Pro is ready to take you on your musical journey!

The Power button (10) turns on the Fast Track Pro, illuminating the power LED (11). Connecting an optional 9V DC 500mA external power supply to this port will enable the unit to operate as a standalone 24-bit A/D converter. The Headphone Output Level control knob (15) sets the level of the headphone output, independent of the main Output Level control. The headphone output is a pair of 1/4″ stereo TRS jacks that can be connected to your headphones or monitors.


Music is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things that you can do in your life. Listening to your favorite tunes can make you feel better and help you unwind from the stresses of the day. If you are a musician, then you know how important it is to have a reliable audio interface that can keep up with your needs. Fortunately, there are many different devices out there that can meet your audio requirements. One such device is the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. This is an excellent device that can be used with Linux. Which is a popular operating system for musicians and music lovers alike.

The Fast Track Pro is an inexpensive way to get into recording. It has combo TRS/XLR inputs on the front that can handle a microphone or any line-level device. There are also two lights on each input that tell you if there is a signal in or out.

On the back of the device are four RCA jacks that can be used to hook up other devices like an effects processor. You can also use the RCA output jacks to send the signal to your mixer.

To make the most of your device, you should install the latest updated drivers for it. This will ensure that your device works as intended. Moreover, it will improve the overall performance of your computer. Furthermore, it will also help you fix various errors that may occur while using the device.


The Fast Track Pro is designed with the home or portable studio user in mind. It offers a variety of inputs and outputs for connecting to external audio devices. These include two combined microphone/line/instrument inputs with phantom power. Balanced TRS and unbalanced RCA analog outputs, coaxial S/PDIF input and output, MIDI in and out, and headphones out. Input level controls, signal, and clipping indicators. And a dedicated headphone output provides easy monitoring.

The front panel Mic/Input 1 and 2 jacks support both XLR and 1/4″ connectors (with associated switchable phantom power). The Mix knob allows you to monitor the live input from the microphone or line/instrument source while listening to the output from your audio software. It can be adjusted to fade between the source at the front-panel Mic/Input input channels and the corresponding output from your computer.

The Coaxial S/PDIF Input and Output jacks allow you to connect your digital audio device’s outputs to the Fast Track Pro for monitoring or recording. The audio sample rate set within your audio software applies to all signals connected to this port. A high-quality 24-bit A/D converter provides superb sound quality.

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