Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver

Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver:

Playing with a premium force feedback wheel and a game that supports it offers a different experience from using keyboard or gamepad controls alone. You’ll feel every heaviness of your car, resistance when coming out of corners, and every pothole or gravel pit as they pass beneath you. So, the latest version of the Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver can be downloaded below.

Download Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver (Here)

Ultra-realistic control:

MOMO force feedback wheels allow you to feel every bump and jolt of a racecar as it goes over every obstacle in its path, providing an extra sense of realism for racing games not available with simple gamepad controls. Furthermore, they enable more precise control, with any slight adjustment of the wheel during an in-game turn causing it to sway and lose traction similar to real-life conditions.

MOMO wheels stand out from its competition by not suffering from center dead-zone issues found with other wheels. Their grip is tight, and even with slight steering adjustments during fast straightaways in-game you won’t experience sudden steering jerks that send your car flying into walls.

The pedal base is constructed of durable plastic and equipped with rubber feet for solid grip on hard floors as well as small teeth that can be flipped up to dig into carpets. In addition, a sequential shifter designed by racing pros offers you the full racing experience. Furthermore, wires erupt from the pedal base rather than from its wheel platform – eliminating some of the annoying draping that plagues some competitors’ units while making removal much simpler by leaving only a USB connection hanging down from the desk.

Comfortable design:

MOMO, an Italian name synonymous with superior automotive parts and accessories, makes its debut into PC racing peripheral design with their Force Feedback Wheel – featuring an authentic feel like that found inside an open-wheeled race car, as well as large stick shift and paddle shifters for shifting control. It comes as no surprise then that their wheels represent the pinnacle of PC racing peripheral design. Their latest creation, the Force Feedback wheel is no different; featuring an ergonomic rubber-covered wheel that feels as though it came straight off an open-wheeled race car cockpit as well as paddle shifters for shifting control.

MOMO stands out from other RC cars with its incredible force feedback system, which feels just like driving over bumps or gravel pits in real life.

MOMO stands out with its deceptively clever mounting system. Featuring three-point clamping rather than Microsoft’s two, it boasts superior stability compared to competing products. Furthermore, its software suite auto-detects installed driving games and lets you superimpose button layouts onto pedals for optimal gaming experiences.

MOMO stands out from competitors with its sleek USB connector and power supply, eliminating unsightly wires dangling from its base. All cords on MOMO are routed neatly onto its wheel platform for easier movement around a desk or for travel purposes.

Adaptable to any desk:

Logitech has done an excellent job at adapting the MOMO Force to various desk setups. It features three points instead of the Driving Force Pro’s two, with rubber feet for hard floors or small teeth that can dig into the carpet. Furthermore, pedals come equipped with spring-loaded resistance and can be attached either on the left or right side depending on personal preference.

The real trick lies in its force feedback, which is subtle yet differs in intensity depending on your surroundings. This feature only truly shines in games with support for it; one reason it makes MOMO the premier PC racing wheel. Even minor steering adjustments feel as real as they should, with virtually no dead zone such as can exist with other wheels.

MOMO works seamlessly on Mac OS X using standard Windows Logitech gaming drivers, so it can be used either with Boot Camp or running Windows as a virtual machine on your machine. Simply make sure not to set Profiler axis properties for “Combined Axis”, which forces both brake and throttle buttons onto one button – not ideal.


Logitech may be known for their sturdy mice and keyboards, but with their racing wheel, they have entered into serious contention in the gaming peripheral market. Their force feedback technology not only adds another level of play but can respond to physical loads placed upon it such as sudden spin out of turns to firm snapback as tires regain traction – giving an experience unlike anything provided by traditional keyboard or gamepad gaming systems.

Rubber-covered wheels are an ideal size and weight in your hands, featuring centering marks to aid with driving focus. Sequential shift paddles, gas and brake pedals, and sequential shift paddles all stay firmly in place even during aggressive gameplay; additionally, it comes equipped with 6 programmable buttons and an analog stick shifter allowing for a true car racing experience!

It comes bundled with software that detects installed racing games and lets you easily apply button layouts without the hassle of configuring. Furthermore, its base has a triangular clamping system that makes removing and moving around much simpler than other wheels – not to mention a bar with small teeth that can be folded down for carpet grip – something other manufacturers don’t provide!


So, thank you for downloading the Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver from here. We shared the official Logitech Momo Racing Wheel Driver to download.

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