Fargo HDP6600 Driver Download for Windows

29 Jul 2023

Fargo HDP6600 Driver for Windows:

All Fargo ID card printers rely on drivers and firmware to operate properly. Periodically updating these can help you correct minor faults, enhance performance or maintain compatibility with new versions of Windows and other operating systems.

Download Fargo HDP6600 Driver (Here)

HDP6600 features sixth-generation retransfer technology to deliver high-definition photographic images, tiny text, and crisp barcodes. It’s GreenCircle certified and uses significantly less energy than competitive machines.

High-Resolution Printing:

The special edition Fargo HDP6600 printer uses sixth-generation retransfer printing technology to produce rich, vibrant, saturated colors with crisp, tiny text and barcodes. This unique printing method does not touch the surface of the card, but instead prints onto a clear retransfer film that is then fused to the card’s surface. This allows for over-the-edge (also known as “full-bleed”) printing — even on uneven cards.

This all-in-one printer is perfect for any organization that requires retransfer printing technology for high-definition ID cards. It offers a flexible modular design that allows you to add or change features as your requirements and budget evolve. For example, you can field-upgrade this printer to include dual-sided printing, encoding, and lamination. The optional wasteless PolyGuard LMX overlaminate helps you cut your high-volume lamination materials costs by up to 40%.

This printer supports a wide range of Fargo ribbons, films, and laminates for added security, durability, and card customization. You can choose from standard monochrome, high-durability, or holographic retransfer film with custom hologram designs to fit your specific needs.

iON® Technology:

The Fargo HDP6600 XE card printer is compatible with a variety of cards, ribbons, and films. Choose from standard retransfer film, high-durability retransfer film (three times tougher than standard), or holographic retransfer film for enhanced card security. This printer also supports a range of laminates to enhance card durability.

Patent-pending iON technology heats up the image transfer roller and lamination module to optimal operating temperature in under 60 seconds, expediting the entire retransfer printing and encoding process. This eliminates the wait time associated with other retransfer printers that can take several minutes to reach their print-ready state, saving you up to 20 hours of waiting per year.

The iON® technology also helps to reduce your costs by eliminating the need for a standard carrier film and take-up core, lowering your total materials costs by up to 40%. And the upcoming wasteless lamination option reduces high-volume laminate material usage and costs, helping to further lower your total cost of ownership.

Fast Warm-Up:

The HDP6600’s impressive printing capabilities, fast print speed, and ease of use make it the ideal ID card printer for organizations that need to produce high-quality cards quickly. Using sixth-generation retransfer technology, it prints rich, vibrant, saturated colors that resist fading and scratching. It also offers security features such as micro text and holographic marks.

One of the key advantages of this retransfer printer is that it only takes 60 seconds for the machine to heat up and be ready to print your first card. This is thanks to Fargo’s patent-pending iON or instant on technology.

The HDP6600 is also field upgradable so you can add modules such as dual-sided printing, magnetic and/or smart card encoding, and lamination as your business needs evolve. The HDP6600 also comes with password protection to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the printer and its data. This includes the ability to password-protect a ribbon cabinet to secure used and empty ribbons.

Easy Maintenance:

Keeping your printer’s drivers and firmware up to date is important for correcting minor faults, improving functionality, and maintaining compatibility with new releases of Windows and other operating systems. So, the Fargo Workbench Utility software makes updating your driver and firmware easy, with step-by-step instructions and access to special new features, performance upgrades, diagnostic tools, and stronger security.

HID Fargo HDP6600 is a high-resolution retransfer card printer suitable for printing complex designs including block colors and onto CR80 credit cards, PVC and PET cards plus proximity and smart (access control) cards. It’s ideal for medium-to-large corporations, universities, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

When you purchase an HDP6600 with us, we’ll give you a free copy of our best-selling ID card design software, EasyBadge Lite, worth PS195. Using this simple and intuitive design software, it takes just minutes to create and print your first card. It’s all part of our commitment to providing a complete solution that saves you time and money.


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