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Epson XP 15000 Driver Review:

The XP 15000 supports an extensive selection of Epson inkjet media from glossy to cotton fine art papers while offering two dedicated specialty paper paths to accommodate exotic or heavy-weight media.

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Make sure your prints come out flawless by running a nozzle check from your printer utility. A good nozzle check should produce uniformly staggered sections that have been filled in without gaps between each section.


I wanted a general-use printer capable of producing high-quality photo prints at home, and this model fits the bill nicely. It’s compact enough to fit most spaces while being relatively straightforward to set up and manage.

It utilizes inkjet technology to produce prints by spraying liquid ink from a moving head onto paper. The XP 15000 comes equipped with six ink cartridges; one contains grey ink – essential for creating excellent black-and-white photos – while another adds red hues for expanding the color gamut and improving skin tones.

Print quality for photo and text printing is exceptional, while text quality remains excellent as well. However, its print speed may be slower than most printers, and operating costs more per page; additionally, the XP 15000 supports auto-duplex printing to reduce printer expenses further.

The control panel can be tilted for convenient printing on various paper sizes from A4 down to legal-size documents. Furthermore, this printer can even print labels onto pre-surfaced CDs and jewel case inserts! The main paper tray holds 200 sheets while its rear feed slot can accommodate an additional 50.

The XP 15000 comes equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as one USB port, providing direct printing from mobile devices via Wi-Fi Direct or apps that connect directly with its IP address. Third-party mobile printing options available include Android AirPrint, Mopria Cloud Print, and Google Cloud Print for direct printing from smartphones or other mobile devices.


Epson XP 15000 inkjet printer features six dye-based inks for exceptional color saturation and deep blacks, providing perfect results on photo base glossy, satin, luster, and photo metallic papers – as well as matte cotton fine art papers – although also compatible with matte and cotton fine art papers. Furthermore, its borderless printing capability means it can accommodate numerous photo sizes while two dedicated paths allow it to feed specialty papers through.

Text printing was very good but slow at 5.7 pages per minute, while graphics and photo printing was Very Good without being among the fastest available inkjet printers. Photos also performed well but did not exceed our expectations.

Epson and Canon printers often ship with firmware that forces users to purchase expensive cartridges, rather than refillable versions. You could try contacting tech support and asking if it would be possible to downgrade this firmware so refillable cartridges could be used instead of buying costly brand cartridges – they might say no, but you never know!


No matter the web service available to convert digital files to printouts, discerning photographers need a printer on hand for tweaking colors and fine-tuning paper quality. The Epson XP-15000 printer stands out as a strong contender in this regard; boasting great color reproduction with a large capacity compared to home models.

Epson’s A3+ printer measures only 10cm wider than an A4 machine and boasts an extremely compact footprint, thanks to a vertical design that stacks the six ink cartridges front to back instead of left to right – creating an improved gamut across plain and photo papers as well as providing superior results with cotton fine art papers.

Paper handling comprises a 200-sheet paper cassette at the front and a 50-sheet tray for premium photo and wide-format media at the rear, both featuring automated deployment. A slot for printing labels onto optical discs can also be found at the base of this paper cassette, although you will require special software if you wish to design and print custom labels of your design.

USB and Ethernet connections allow for direct computer connectivity; wireless options include Wi-Fi Direct as well as support for Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and other third-party apps and services.


Apple AirPrint allows for wireless printing from a Mac OS X computer without needing drivers or software. To use AirPrint, both printer and computer must be on the same wireless network; alternatively, you may connect both with an Ethernet cable directly. See your router/access point documentation for further details.


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