Epson Scanner Software Windows 10 Free Download

Epson Scanner Software for Windows 10:

Epson ScanSmart software provides a seamless experience that makes scanning, reviewing, and sharing effortless. Compatible with all Epson scanners and including OCR technology to convert scanned documents into editable files, it makes scanning effortless. So, the latest version of Epson Scanner Software Windows 10 can be downloaded from below.

Download Epson Scanner Software Windows 10 (Here)

Epson’s software does not work with Windows 10 S, but you can get around this limitation using VueScan.

What is Epson Scanner Software?

Epson Scanner Software is a TWAIN-compliant application that makes scanning images to your PC easy. Compatible with various scanning programs – Adobe Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Image Capture among them – as well as various image adjustment settings, Epson Scanner Software saves your scanned image as a file on your PC (if compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements automatically saving to Adobe’s folder).

Epson users typically receive this software with their document or flatbed photo scanners, making their scanning experience much smoother and efficient. With features that help make organizing files or improving photo quality easy, this software can prove an invaluable asset.

If your Epson scanner is acting up after upgrading Windows to a later version, compatibility issues could be to blame. One solution would be to check if its software has been set to run in compatibility mode – this can usually be accomplished by right-clicking its icon and switching into the Properties interface, where there is often a checkbox next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. Uncheck it in this instance.

How to Install Epson Scanner Software on Windows 10:

After you have downloaded the Epson scanner software, simply follow the onscreen instructions to install it. You may be asked to agree to terms of use or authorize certain changes during installation; once complete you can begin using it to scan images. To access it click/open Apps Menu then EPSON Scanner; in Windows 10, this app may also be found under the All Apps section in the Start menu.

If your Epson scanner is giving you trouble, try manually updating its drivers. To do this, download and install them via Device Manager; however, this method can be time-consuming and challenging for novice users. A better option would be using Driver Easy’s driver update tool which will save time as well as ensure all your drivers are up to date and working as planned.

To download an Epson scanner driver, visit their website and select your region from a drop-down list of options. Select your model and operating system from drop-down lists before selecting Connect or Finish and finally waiting for confirmation that the connection was successful.

Epson Scanner Software Installation:

If Epson Scanner Software will not install on Windows 10, it could be due to being set in Compatibility Mode. You can easily rectify this by right-clicking its shortcut icon on your desktop and choosing Properties; check whether “Run this program in compatibility mode for” contains a check mark; otherwise, untick it.

Epson Scanner software may not install due to your anti-virus program detecting it as malware and automatically deleting it, making installation impossible. Therefore, it’s wise to temporarily disable all anti-virus software before trying any programs, including this one.

Once the software has been installed, a window will appear that allows you to configure its settings. Here you can choose whether your scanner should scan double-sided documents or single-side documents; choose whether your scan area needs scanning; set file save settings and image adjustment preferences; enable or disable password protection to ensure only those authorized can access and print documents without permission; as well as enable or disable password security on your computer and print documents without your knowledge.

Epson Print and Scan is available as a free download, compatible with most Epson all-in-one printers/scanners, yet does not support USB devices; for now, it must be used via wireless network connection only. Hopefully, a future update may include support for USB devices; until then you may need other scanning software instead.

Epson Scanner Software Review:

Epson Scanner Software is a free-to-use scanner application developed by SEIKO EPSON Corporation that facilitates document scanning while increasing user productivity with advanced features. With multiple scanning modes, automatic document detection cropping image editing abilities, and file saving options for user management of scanned documents more efficiently while streamlining workflows and producing high-quality results, its intuitive user interface design facilitates effective management. Suitable for Windows operating systems only.

Kofax OCR engine allows it to automatically recognize text in documents and convert it to editable PDFs, as well as add timestamps to images scanned with it. Renaming files with custom prefix and index numbering, barcode labels, or OCR tokens support is also supported, rotating pages with multi-page scans by rotating, reordering, or aligning pages can correct the spine of books; OCR can even be performed batch OCR using Kofax OCR engine for searchable PDFs!

This program makes use of two lenses in an Epson scanner and offers users several scanning methods depending on what material is being scanned. Office mode, for instance, can be used for paper prints and photo albums as well as scanning slides, negatives, and graphics – as well as to adjust brightness/contrast/sharpen/descreen images and sharpen/descreen edges.

SilverFast boasts a more modern interface than Epson Scan 2 and guides users through scanning using prompts. However, it lacks the same versatility and power as SilverFast; beginners may find its use more complex. Furthermore, its tools only cover the tonal range in black-and-white negative scans or color slide scans.


So, thank you for downloading the Epson Scanner Software Windows 10. We shared the Epson Scanner Software Windows 10 to download free.

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