Epson EcoTank L3252 Driver

Epson EcoTank L3252 Driver:

The Epson EcoTank L3252 is a printer that uses ink bottles instead of paper. It uses a compact design that enables you to save space while maintaining the quality of your prints. However, the downside of using a printer this way is that you’re also likely to run out of ink sooner than you’d like. As a result, you should be sure to install a driver that will help ensure that you always have the necessary ink on hand.

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Ink bottles:

The Epson L3252 driver for ink bottles is one of the most popular printers of its kind and has received a slew of awards for its impressive list of features. This model is designed for both home and office use and comes with features such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet. As the name suggests, it boasts a robust multi-unit ink tank and includes a spill-free refilling system that allows you to refill your bottle without worry.

One of the most impressive features of the L3252 is its ability to print borderless photographs up to 4R size. This makes the L3252 an ideal choice for photographers. Another feature worth noting is Wi-Fi, which is a plus for many businesses. Its built-in wireless connectivity and Ethernet make it a viable solution for small business owners.

Other highlights include the EcoTank’s multi-unit ink tank, which allows for easy refilling and improved business productivity. You can also expect a maximum of 7,500 pages of high-quality color and black-and-white prints.


If you have not heard of the Epson EcoTank L3252, it’s a multifunctional printer that has it all. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, a high print yield, and the capability to print in 4R size.

The L3252 uses a 12-watt power source, and it comes with a surprisingly high-quality ink bottle. This ink is designed to save users up to 90 percent in printing costs. There is also an app that can help manage the printer’s settings, as well as spill-free refilling.

One of the more useful Epson EcoTank L3252 features is its redesigned Wi-Fi network. With the addition of this feature, the L3252 can directly connect to up to eight devices. Aside from the convenience of wireless connectivity, this model is also equipped with an adjustable Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, the L3252 is capable of producing impressive results in the areas of black-and-white printing, shading, and borderless photo printing. For more details, you can contact Epson customer service.

Print Quality:

Using the Epson EcoTank L3252 driver, you can print high-quality prints at low costs. It is designed for easy setup and offers excellent printing speed. You can adjust the print quality through the settings provided by the printer driver.

You can also change the waiting time and the quantity of ink that you use. The printer driver also has the option to enable wireless connectivity, which allows you to print from any device.

In order to get the best print quality, you must take care of the following steps. First, you need to align the print head. To do this, you need to remove the tape that secures the print head. Next, you need to set the transportation lock to the unlocked position.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the paper is not damp or humid. You can store the paper in a dry environment, but it should not be placed in a moist area for long periods. Lastly, you need to avoid tilting the ink bottle.

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