Driver Booster 9 (versions 15) Download for Windows

Driver Booster-

Driver Booster for Windows XP is a simple and easy tool that will increase your computer’s performance. If you have been having problems lately with your computer’s performance, then this driver updater is for you. This is a small application that has been designed to automatically download and install all the latest updates for all the drivers on your computer. This can be done in just a few minutes and will enable your system to run much smoother and faster. So, what are the benefits of Driver Booster for Windows XP?

Download Driver Booster 9 (Here)

It will help you to update your system drivers-

It is a very simple program. It does not require installation. All you need to do is to download driver updates from the website and then install them. Driver Booster can be used without any technical knowledge. It works in all versions of Windows – from XP to Vista.

Recommended method-

The first option to select when downloading Driver Booster for Windows XP is ‘download with system restore’. This is the recommended method. System restore is a utility that stores your computer’s most recent settings and configurations in a central file. You can use this restore point to undo changes you have made on your PC. However, using system restore to download driver updates is not safe. It is not an advisable method since if somehow something goes wrong you might end up back in your original state.


Another option to use the driver booster-

The next option is to use the Driver Booster for Windows XP program. This is a different application from the rest. It is specially designed to scan your computer for any missing or corrupted drivers, as well as optimize and repair any other malfunctioning programs. This program also detects and installs the latest version of the latest device drivers. Using the driver booster app is highly recommended to make sure that your Windows operating system is working fine.

Pros and cons-

The Driver Booster for Windows XP has the following pros and cons. One of the advantages of this application is that it performs its own scan and repair of the drivers on your system without requiring you to do so. This means that you can take care of the issues at a faster pace. Furthermore, the program is very easy to use, with simple instructions guiding you on how to perform each operation.


The major disadvantage of Driver Booster for Windows XP is that it does not scan for the latest device driver updates. It only checks for the ones that are still certified according to Microsoft. If you do not have a driver for a certain device, you will be disappointed with this program since it will not help you install or update any drivers. This is a real con. Moreover, this application does not highlight the errors that are already present in your system.

The final disadvantage of Driver Booster for Windows XP is that it only offers one driver backup. You cannot create a backup for all the devices that you might have. This means that if you use this application, you are advised to download the device driver updates manually.

Scan and update-

Driver Booster for Windows XP is a good program that can scan, clean, and backup the driver database. It is a little bit more complex to use than the free versions of these programs but with its simple and easy-to-understand interface, anyone should be able to figure it out. It is, however, recommended to use Driver Booster for Windows XP by downloading the free version first and then obtaining a driver database backup from it before you try to restore any device that you may be using. The driver database backup will help you restore your system in the event that something goes wrong during the process.

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