Dany TV Card Driver Download Free

Dany TV Card Driver Download Free:

Dany TV Card Driver Downloads Free is a new program that provides you with the latest features for your Dany TV View USB TV Stick. It is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to play your favourite songs at perfect pitch.

Its small plan makes it simple to convey with a PC anywhere. Its planned video recording capacity enables you to record TV programs at a predetermined time and spare recordings on an HDD.

Download the Dany TV Card Driver Download Free (Here) 

PCI Plug n Play Windows Vista Supported Internal TV Tuner:

The DANY TV tuner card lets you watch your favorite live television shows on your PC in a resizable window or full screen on your desktop. It is the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy watching their digital TV shows and movies on their computer without needing a separate set-top box or external DVD player.

This USB-based DVB card supports all standard analog NTSC and PAL TV signals worldwide. It can also receive digital MPEG2 video data and support a variety of multimedia formats. It has a built-in AV input port for connecting to gaming consoles, etc. Its advanced AV demodulator technology offers excellent picture quality and a wide range of input and output functions for desktop computers.

The software included with this device allows users to capture and save video clips as AVI files on their computer. So, the program supports multiple audio streams and can display subtitles on top of the TV screen. It is easy to use and features a sleek, intuitive interface.

The software is available in both English and Chinese. It can be installed on multiple computers using the same activation code. In addition, it can be used to play back DivX, XviD, DVD, and VCD videos on your computer. It can even record a stream from the Web and play it in real-time. Enabling users to monitor events online without affecting system performance.

T View Capture Card with FM:

A PCI capture card with an FM radio function is a great choice for people who want to record their favourite FM music or TV shows while working on their computers. This type of capture card converts HDMI video and audio inputs into a digital signal that can be recorded by computer software. So, the card is compatible with many different video cameras and gaming consoles.

This PCI capture card includes a full-featured FM radio tuner and enables users to watch. Listen to or record their favourite FM music or TV show right on their desktop computers. It also supports advanced scheduling so that they can record their favourite TV show or FM radio station at a scheduled time every week. However, the included TVR software has a simple and interactive interface for watching, recording, or listening to the content from their computer.

The FM broadcast band is close to (or even inside) the same frequency range as that used by VHF terrestrial and cable television systems in most countries around the world. Thus, most TV tuners can double as FM radios. This feature gives a lot of flexibility to those who wish to use their desktop computers as home entertainment systems. It likewise allows them to make recordings of their favourite shows that they have missed on their regular schedules.

T View Capture Card with AV Input:

The DANY T View Capture Card with AV input allows you to connect the device to any HDMI-enabled source and record your gameplay to your PC or laptop. Its USB interface also enables you to stream video to social media more easily. Its low latency ensures smooth and lag-free playback, making it ideal for game-live broadcasting. However, it is compatible with various HDMI sources, including Wii U, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Its passthrough performance is excellent, too. It captures crystal-clear footage with really vivid colours. While its software encodes the capture to save space on your HDD, this is a minor issue when compared to the overall quality of this device.

Another great feature of this capture card is its ability to support older consoles through the RCA input ports. This means that you can play games on your old PS3. Original XBOX, or even the Nintendo GameCube on your PC without having to buy expensive adapters.

The Dany U-2000 USB TV Stick is an ideal way to enjoy your favourite shows and movies on a PC or laptop. Its smaller plan makes it simple to communicate with you and use anywhere. Additionally, it offers video-altering capacity. Which enables you to spare recordings in configurations that can be effectively duplicated to VCD or DVD.

T View Capture Card with IR Remote:

The DANY T View Capture Card with IR Remote is an all-in-one USB device that allows users to experience live TV on their computer or laptop screens. However, it is compatible with most AV input devices, including STBs, VCDs, DVDs, and game consoles. It is also UVC-compliant and supports DirectShow software. This means it is compatible with most PCs and operating systems, including Windows.

This capture card offers a variety of connections, including HDMI and SDI ports. HDMI ports are categorized by how many gigabits of data they can transfer, with higher numbers indicating a higher capacity. SDI ports are categorized by the type of signal they support. With different standards ranging from 1.5G (maximum FHDp30) to 12G (maximum 4Kp60),.

This capture card features an IR receiver that allows you to control your DV camera or camcorder using your RC remote. It also has a USB 2.0 port for easy connection to your PC. The design is compact and portable, making it easy to carry with you anywhere. Its scheduled video recording capability records TV programs at a predetermined time and saves them on the HDD, ensuring that you never miss any of your favorite shows. Moreover, it supports various shortcut keys that let you operate your device like an operating system. It is available for purchase online and at select stores.

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