ASUS USB BT500 Driver Download for Windows

08 Aug 2022

ASUS USB BT500 Driver:

The ASUS USB BT500 is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless adapter with energy-saving connectivity. It maintains full backward compatibility with previous Bluetooth versions, ensuring energy-saving connectivity. The device is certified by the FCC and Industry Canada. For information on regional availability, visit the ASUS website. As product specifications and availability vary by market, images are illustrative. To view complete specifications, visit the ASUS website.

Download ASUS USB BT500 Driver (Here)

Review of ASUS USB BT500:

The Asus USB BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter is an excellent Bluetooth device, and it has many benefits, including energy-saving capabilities, faster connection, and full backward compatibility with older Bluetooth versions. However, the USB BT500 should always be updated with the latest driver, as an outdated version may not function as it should. While installing the latest driver will only take a few minutes, be patient, as it can take a while before it installs properly.

Transfer speed:

The USB-BT500 features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This technology is a more energy-efficient way to connect to Bluetooth devices while maintaining full backward compatibility with older versions of Bluetooth. This wireless adapter also offers a higher data transfer speed than previous models. However, this adapter does not support Mac OS X and Linux systems. This device is not compatible with gaming consoles. To ensure compatibility, please download the latest driver for the ASUS USB BT500.

Power efficiency:

The USB BT500 is certified by the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada and can support full Bluetooth backward compatibility. The device can be used with a variety of devices. It is a small and portable device that provides the benefits of Bluetooth and USB connectivity. A USB BT500 driver keeps the device powered while still maintaining full backward compatibility. This driver will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth while working on your PC.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology:

The USB BT500 Bluetooth adapter is one of the fastest and most energy-efficient devices available today. Its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology ensures energy-efficient wireless connectivity and fast data transfers. This USB adapter is easy to use and highly portable. For more information, see the product’s specification page. As with any Bluetooth device, it is essential to update the driver to the latest version to ensure compatibility and speed.

Features of ASUS USB BT500 Driver:

The ASUS USB BT500 driver has included in the windows OS. You can download it through the windows update feature. This built-in driver is enough to run basic Atheros hardware. However, inexperienced users may want to use an approved Microsoft driver utility to avoid the hassles of updating device drivers manually. Advanced Driver Update (c) PRO is designed to quickly install device drivers from the manufacturers using cutting-edge device-specific matching technology.


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