ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver for Windows

ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver:

Print email, photos, and important office documents directly from any iPhone or iPad – without a network connection. The 9-inch color touch screen supports flick, drag and tap operation promoting similar operability to smartphone/tablet devices. Reduce IT burden with serverless On-Demand Print enabling users to release jobs by providing proximity card, username, and password or PIN – without the need for a central printer server.

Download ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver (Here)

Print & Scan:

So, print from your smartphone, tablet, or PC to a Xerox MFD, even when you’re on the go. Simply tap your Mopria-certified device on a touchpoint and authenticate with your UniSA computer login credentials.

Easily find the scanned document you need, thanks to a simple-to-use interface and multiple save locations. You can also use the touchscreen to access native Xerox device functions, such as sending your scans to email or creating a PDF file.

With Serverless On-Demand Print, you can securely release jobs from a multifunction device using proximity cards, PINs, or username and password, without the IT burden of managing a central print server. So, this helps reduce printing costs, improve security, and support more flexible working styles.*


Reimagine your operations and streamline communications, with the ApeosPort VI series. Designed to reduce administrative work, users can be authenticated by simply swiping an IC card. This means that a single MFD can share user information with other devices. Reducing the need to set up individual users across multiple MFDs. Users can also customize the screen to only display function buttons that they frequently use.

Received fax documents can be automatically uploaded to the ‘Working Folder’ cloud service provided by Fuji Xerox. Then they can be quickly sent as an attachment in a email or e-fax from a smartphone or tablet device.

Enhanced security features include a proximity card reader and password protection. And serverless On-Demand Print to help protect confidential documents. The 9-inch color touch screen uses flick. So, drag and tap operation promoting similar operability to smartphone/tablet devices, allowing for consistent and familiar use.

Scan to Email:

Using the “Email” button or menu option on a copier. You can scan documents or photos directly into an email message to send off without ever saving the file on your computer. So, this is an easy way to get copies to your boss or send a photo to a family member.

However, this method isn’t ideal for all documents and recipients. For example, the recipient won’t be able to respond directly to the email because it will come from a “no-reply” address.

Rather than scanning to email, consider implementing an eSignature solution like PandaDoc and digital document workflow software to help you create paperless processes that improve productivity. So, request a free print technology assessment with us to discover the benefits that an integrated solution like this can bring to your workplace.

Cloud Connectivity:

Cloud connectivity is a hot buzzword that’s being tossed around in the industry. It’s a way for organizations to connect their private networks to their preferred cloud environments. Bypassing the public Internet and reducing security risks.

So, the idea is to eliminate the need for data to travel over the Internet. Which isn’t guaranteed or reliable. Instead, your data is sent directly from your network to the cloud via a dedicated connection. Which boosts reliability and increases speed.

Network Service Providers (NSPs) offer direct connectivity services to major cloud providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle – bypassing the public Internet. This can be delivered as Ethernet at layer 2 or as MPLS IP VPN/SD-WAN at layer 3. The result is secure. High-performance end-to-end connection to the cloud that’s SLA-backed and can be meshed across multiple sites.

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