ApeosPort C2060 Driver for Windows

ApeosPort C2060 Driver:

ApeosPort C2060 Driver:

The multifunction device supports a wide range of mobile printing and scanning features, allowing for more flexible work. It can also authenticate users by registering their ID information with the multifunction device and FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cloud services, eliminating the need for an authentication server. So, you can download the latest version of ApeosPort C2060 Driver.

Download ApeosPort C2060 Driver (Here)

The new ApeosPort enables you to find solutions to problems using an augmented reality (AR) function. This feature helps solve issues quickly and easily, even when a user is offsite.


So, the printer built into the ApeosPort C2060 delivers high-quality prints with accurate colors. With true wireless printing, you can print from anywhere in the office with a smartphone or tablet.

Featuring a powerful processor and a wide range of high-end functions, the ApeosPort C2060 provides optimum levels of performance. Its compact body saves space in your work area and its high-end capabilities make it a valuable addition to your business.

Its server-less user authentication feature* eliminates the need for an authentication server. This makes it easier to use the device and improves security. Additionally, paperless fax* allows you to receive incoming faxes via email without printing them out. This saves your printing costs and enables you to receive important documents even when out of the office. *Note: This functionality requires the installation of the free Xerox PaperPort® software. To download it, please visit the Xerox website.


The ApeosPort C2060 has a built-in document scanner for efficient scanning and digitization of business documents. The advanced scanning function allows users to save time by automatically converting the original document into a standard-size file. The document scanner also supports multiple destination scans, including PC folders, e-mail, and URLs.

With a dedicated fax port, the ApeosPort C2060 can handle incoming faxes in a paperless environment. Faxes can be stored in folders and can be forwarded to a smartphone via email, for convenient checking even outside the office.

The FUJIFILM ApeosPort C2060 is an ideal digital solution for working offsite or at home and offers fully integrated mobile, scanning, and cloud-based solutions for easy access to all of your business data. So, the device has an intuitive Android 7-inch color touchscreen and a high-quality A3 dual-sided Document Scanner. Achieve optimum levels of scalability as your business needs evolve over time with direct integration with popular cloud services or seamless connectivity with your smartphone.


The fax built into the ApeosPort C2060 can store received faxes in folders on the device, reducing paper usage and storage space. You can also forward incoming faxes to your smartphone*1 and check them from anywhere, allowing more flexible working. Using IReCT*, digital image adjustment technology, and LED print head, the ApeosPort C2060 prints high-quality documents with sharp contrast and minimal color misregistration. The Smart Energy Save function reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions by distributing only the required amount of power to individual functions. Lastly, environmentally friendly inedible woody biomass plastic is used for parts where possible.

So, the portable UI for Business* allows you to perform copy, fax, or scan functions on your new ApeosPort device directly from an iOS or AndroidTM smartphone. Simply set the job parameters on your smartphone and start the operation by holding it near the NFC touch area. You can also use Cloud Service Hub* for a single sign-on to multiple cloud storage services.


ApeosPort C2060 is equipped with a wireless connection built into the device, which allows you to print documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can print using Google Cloud PrintTM, AirPrint, or MopriaTM Print Service. So, in addition, you can use Portable UI for Business* to perform copy, scan, or fax jobs simply by placing your mobile device near the NFC touch area. This makes it possible to work with a more flexible schedule by eliminating the need for printing on desktop computers or installing additional software.

So, the server-less user authentication feature* lets you log in with a simple process without needing to install an authentication server on your network. This provides high security by reducing the exposure of your private information and eliminating external risk factors.

A new intuitive Android 7″ color touch screen and next-generation intuitive FUJIFILM CareAR Assist allow you to easily and quickly resolve common problems with the machine, without needing to wait for a customer engineer or other support staff.

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